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Our Name

Soltis is a compound word that combines sol and tis. Sol is Latin for the sun which represents light and the elimination of darkness. In Ancient Greek, tis represents the questions who? which? what?. Thus, the compound word Soltis means to illuminate or shine light on the financial services industry to answer the questions that are not always answered: who? which? what?

At Soltis we take our name seriously by using our independence and transparency to shine light everywhere in order to answer the questions that may not normally be answered due to conflicts of interest or self-interest that exist with other parties and firms in the financial services industry.

Our Logo

The Soltis Investment Advisors, LLC logo is a green Möbius Strip sprayed with light.

A Möbius Strip is a surface with only one side and one edge. If you draw a continuous line starting anywhere on the surface, the line will extend along the entire surface and return to where it began. At Soltis, this represents two things. First there is only one side, our clients side, and we always do what is in the best interest of our clients. Second, travelling along the Möbius Strip represents a never ending journey, which reminds us that creating, building, and managing wealth is a long-term venture, requiring consistent execution over time. By developing enduring relationships with our clients, Soltis becomes a partner in accomplishing your life’s most important endeavors.

The color green represents stability, balance, growth, life, wealth, safety, vibrancy and harmony which are characteristics that we strive for our clients to achieve in their life. At Soltis, we understand wealth is a responsibility that, when managed well, brings great benefits not only to its bearer but also to those the bearer chooses to assist, creating a fertile garden of growth and abundance in a world full of discord and hardship.

Independently Certified

Soltis Investment Advisors

Soltis Advisors is proud to be among the first investment advisors globally to successfully complete the independent certification process of CEFEX, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence. CEFEX certification independently analyzes the trustworthiness and best practice processes of investment fiduciaries.

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Soltis Investment Advisors
Soltis Investment Advisors

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