Bonds vs Stocks – Bill Nygren’s View

By Tyler Wilkinson

May 25, 2012  

 Investors are continually inundated with ever changing economic and market data. The 24 hour a day financial media would have you believe that a 2 cent earning miss by a DOW or S&P 500 company is worthy of announcement over the Emergency Broadcast System. Often, the knee jerk media results in knee jerk investors causing the price of investment to rarely reflect the true intrinsic value of the underlying company or bond issue. At Soltis we spend a great deal of time identifying managers who focus on long-term fundamentals and who also take advantage of the opportunities created by emotional investors.

One of those managers is Bill Nygren with Harris Associates and lead manager of the Oakmark Fund. His quarterly commentary sometimes gives perspective of macro-economic or general market data but his focus is continually on the specifics of the positions in his fund. We think his insight is always worthy of consideration but his latest observations particularly correlate with our current outlook.

As a result, we direct you to his commentary located here.

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